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   42Years of Record Setting Results


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Dan & Patty consistently set records in sales

First sale on oceanfront to break $1,000,000 in 1990 at Mandalay Shores
First sale at $1,000,000 at the beach off the sand in 2003 in Mandalay Shores
First sale over $3,000,000 at the beach in 2005 at Mandalay Shores
Consistently highest sales in Channel Islands Marina for 30 years
Record breaking sale in Ventura Hills at $1,500,000 in 2005
Several record breaking sales in Ventura Keys main channel -
including 1341 Beachmont in 1989 & 2992 Reef in 2001

Two Highest sales for 2006 in Channel Islands Marina 4000 Romany at $2.595
and Second highest sale for 2006 - 4210 Hemlock at $2.050!

29.2 million in sales in 2006!
Highest resale in Westport in 2006 - 1566 Twin Tides at $1,985,000
Second highest sale in Mandalay Bay in 2007- 4024 Ischia at $1,800,000
Highest Westport sale and second highest marina sale in 2008 - $1,889,000
Two highest Mandalay Bay townhome sales in 2009
Highest sale in Channel Islands marina 2010 - $1,775,000
Second highest sale in Channel Islands Marina 2011 - $1,500,000 & third highest sale in 2011
Record sale for Capri condo in the Colony at $520,000 in 2012
Highest Mandalay Bay single family home (without adjacent lot included) & first sale in 2014 above $2,000,000
 Record sales of 4 Ventura Keys duplexes in 2015


Consistently the Best Team for 36 Years!

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Our Past Production Records & History

1977 - Established our team approach to serving marina property owners
1979 - Twelve marina properties sold in 6 months!
1980 - Highest sale of the year- $850,000!
1984 - Two highest single family home marina sales!
1985 - Most marina property sold by any company in 1985 with ten marina sales!
1986 - Highest sale of single family home & townhome; 17 marina properties sold and most marina property sold in 1986!
1987 - Most marina property sold by any company in 1987!
1988 - Highest sales for a single family marina home and for a marina lot, and most marina properties sold by any company in 1988!
1989 - First marina sale over $1,000,000 - a Ventura Keys home! First beach homes sold over $1,000,000 in Oxnard Shores! Two oceanfront homes sold, each over one million for these first record breakers. We also sold 44 patio homes in Mandalay Bay Village. Fifteen marina properties sold in 1989- Again the most marina property sold by any company in 1989!
1990 - Most marina property sold by any company in 1990!
1991 - Highest marina single family home sale and most marina property sold by any company!
1992 - Highest single family home sale in 1992 and more marina property sold than any other company again in 1992!
1993 - Highest townhome sale in 1993 & most marina property sold by any team again in 1993!
1994 - Most marina property sold by any company in 1994! Highest sales at $820,000 & $825,000. First two lots sold in marina in three years. 24 Marina transactions
1995 - Most marina lots sold by any company! Three highest townhome sales!
1996- Highest townhome & highest single family home sales in 1996! Highest number of single family homes sold by any company! Highest overall value of sales done personally in the CI Marina in 1996!
1997- Highest number of marina transactions in 1997! Highest Ventura Keys sale! Highest lot sale in Oxnard/Ventura for 1997!
1998- Highest number of marina transactions in 1998! Highest townhome sale in 1998! Highest lot sales in 1998!
1999- Highest number of marina transactions in each category--6 single family homes transactions, 16 townhome transactions, and 3 lot transactions. 25 marina transactions plus 13 transactions in other areas in 1999

2000 - Highest number of marina transactions by any team with 32 Marina transactions + 14 in other areas for about $23 million in sales volume! We participated in 50% of marina single family home sales & one-third of all waterfront sales!
2001- Highest number of marina sales with 33 transactions including highest sale in Channel Islands & highest sale in Ventura Keys, most lot sales in both harbors.
2002- Highest sales prices for single family homes in both Channel Islands & Ventura Keys & highest townhome sale in CI Marina! Twenty-five marina transactions, plus eleven transactions in other areas, with top sales record of any marina team in 2002!
2003- Highest CI marina home sale, 4 of 6 highest marina home sales, highest marina lot sale, first non-oceanfront beach home sold over $1,000,000!
2004 - Sold 5 of the 8 highest single family homes in 2004; Listed and Sold 4 of these homes. Highest dollar volume in marina sales in 2004!
2005 - Highest ocean front sale at $3.1, Highest Ventura Hills home in escrow, 6 closed marina transactions & 4 in escrow!
2006 - Highest closing in Westport at $1.985 ! Highest sales in Mandalay Bay at $2.050& 2.595 ! Highest duplex sale in Venture Keys $1.0 ! 29.2 million In sales!
2007- Second highest Mandalay Bay sale at $1,800,000
2008 - Highest Westport sale and highest marina sale at $1,889,000
2009 Two highest Mandalay Bay townhome sales
2010 Highest Mandalay Bay sales at $1,775,000 and third highest sale at $1,225,000! Highest Ventura Keys duplex sale
2011  Second highest sale in Channel Islands Marina 2011 - $1,500,000 
2012  Record sale for Capri condo in the Colony at $520,000 in 2012
2013  Highest Mandalay Bay main channel home sale in 2013
2014  Highest Mandalay Bay home (without adjacent lot included in sale) & first home above $2,000,000 that was not a corner property
2015  Four Ventura Keys duplexes sold for top prices

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