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"We wish we had listed with you in the first place. We liked your professionalism and good spirit." ~ Bob Rossio "You should stress your honesty more (when you present your marketing plan). I have it on very good authority that I can trust what you say. That is the most important thing to me." ~ Warren Stafford

"I liked the personal attention and honesty.
You were both superb." ~ Joan Rinard

"We very much appreciated all your efforts in trying to answer all our questions pertaining to buying in the Oxnard Area...also your professionalism and time spent with us."
~ Rick Pecel
"We couldn't be happier with our new home. Thank you for handling everything so well." ~ Robert Shadur "You were always there." ~ Susan Thompson

"We chose you because you are both so professional. We couldn't find much room for improvement." ~ Michael & Janet Burke
"We would not hesitate to recommend your service." ~ Martin Davis
"It's because of your work that our house sold." ~ Barbara Davis "You were very helpful throughout the transaction." ~ Bonnie Niesluchowski
"This was the smoothest overall real estate transaction we have ever completed with a Realtor involved. Thanks again." ~ Stan Vath "You gave us continual updates and personal contact. You were terrific with handling our offer!" ~ Jane Totten
"Trust was the most important thing, particularly since I was in the LA area and you were up there. I was able to rely on your judgments and decisions." ~ Karen Dixon

"You were so thoughtful with so many details, I just had to call and thank you for everything." ~ Joyce Eadie

"Your communication was good. Long distance is difficult for selling a home." ~ Nancy Stehle "Your warmth and personalities combined with your knowledge and professionalism are dynamite. We couldn't have been more pleased..." ~ Vickie Crozier

"You were prompt, friendly and professional."
~ Ed Charton
"We would be happy to refer other people to you." ~ Bill Parent

"You did a great job for us before and after
the purchase." ~ Johan Berg

"I appreciated the personal service and continual updates. Both of your are organized and always available for questions."
~ Danielle Lane

"You know what you are doing and conduct your business in a professional manner. Can't say anything to improve. Everything was excellent."
~ Bill Eadie

"It was one of the most enjoyable transactions that I have been involved with. It make the start of our new life here great." ~ Tordy Acker

"Dan answered all of our questions patiently...after the offer was put in (escrow) he was still in close contact with us . . . I will recommend Dan & Patty to anyone I know. They are here to stay." ~ Camille Diaz

"You paid attention to our requirements and followed-up on them promptly. You understand the market and have an excellent feel for offers/counteroffers. I like the way Scott-McInnes does business. Your ethics are the highest and my trust in you complete. Would never hesitate to refer you to anyone." ~ Shirley Nelson

"Everything was done quite professionally...Excellent knowledge of market area"
~ Irvin Sattler

"Your efforts made the escrow go very smoothly. You were on top of every aspect and detail of the escrow including the one you weren't handling in Malibu. Thank you, again, for everything." ~ Kathy Masi

We liked your handling of the escrow and assistance with the offer. I would recommend Dan & Patty to anyone I know, inside the Colony and throughout." ~ Dick Mulligan

"We consider you're exemplary in every way, and would be glad to serve as references for you...You may rest assured that we would speak of you in absolutely "glowing terms." You were knowledgeable, concerned for our best interest and [had an] excellent marketing plan."
~ Paul & Keren Elgin

"It's a feather in your cap!' (I.e., amazing, magnificent) that you sold my dad's home before it went "on the market" using a simple honor system of a handshake!" ~ Jeff Champion.
We listed with you after "years of seeing your signs on properties and felt you had the highest volume in the harbor." ~ Geri Green

"You were wonderfully helpful in meeting deadlines for a 30-day escrow on both ends! Your prompt attention to all matters was greatly appreciated. You always took time
for explanations."
~ Loretta McClure
"The personal relationship and feeling confident that you had our best interests in mind at all times. Thank you so much" ~ Melody O'Leary

"We liked punctual showing and follow-up telephone calls, knowledge of our home & property, efficient office staff and "coordination with other agent. Patty & Dan are a very organized, friendly and knowledgeable team--and now good friends!"
~ Nancy Weber
"Always friendly, ...realistic in their opinions about the market...you kept us informed..." ~ Judy Henry

"Very easy to communicate with Dan & Patty and staff" ~ Don Tobin

"I liked your straightforward business approach."
~ Ed Farmer
"We liked your integrity in implementing a
well-developed professional program."
~ Bill
& Mina Froehlich
"Thank you for all your work...you made it easy for us...We couldn't ask for better and we got the best. Thank you for being so patient with us through all the phone calls." ~ Tammy Ham

"Everything was perfect" ~ Valdimir Viksman

"(I chose you) because of your high standards of business and your high percentage of sales in my area. I liked your results."
~ Marge Fredriksen
"Everyone at the Scott-McInnes office was eager to help...when problems popped up and I was out of town, I was updated daily by fax...the easiest home purchase I've ever had because of their professionalism and high moral standards...would use them again? Absolutely" ~ George Roy Walker "You were always so pleasant and knowledgeable about the area. You weren't pushy or overly aggressive. You were available and willing to show a property with very short notice. Very accommodating." ~ Paula Dersom

"I would recommend your firm to anyone I know. It was such a stressful time --you folks made it all bearable. I was such a heart ache to sell your home after 26 years. You are the Best Company. We also knew you would have our best interest in your hearts and you did."
~ Jackie Nickerson
"You kept your promises, were very professional,...and were assertive as far as getting us what we wanted. You could answer our many questions. We liked dealing with a couple in business together." ~ Carol Delariva

You were very knowledgeable of the area, and most effective in helping us achieve our objections. You were always available and stayed on top of the transaction through the entire process." ~ Bob & Sandi Snyders
"Your service was personalized--very apt. You knew when to nag and when to coast. You were knowledgeable and thorough." ~ Karen Phipps

"Your office handled a very uncomfortable situation with another agency in a highly professional and expedient manner."
~ Dia Marik
"I liked the manner in which you handled the transaction which was very professional." ~ Alan Kirkby

"We were most pleased with your service. You professional handling of the transaction was well recognized and appreciated." ~ Murray Siegel
"I liked how you kept in contact with us--letting us know what was current on the market." ~ Barbara Price

"We liked your professionalism and honesty." ~ Robin Gerblick

"Your personal attention and follow-up were wonderful."
~ George & Betty Jacques



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